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GDI, sorry for submitting this again. I can't update the old deviation about this swf. :<

Navigate through the three different views by using the buttons below the stat graph.
Will probably change the red panda view when I can bother myself to draw one.

Name: Klaudia Rößler

Rank: T07

Age: 23 // Birthday: August 26th 1990 // Virgo, Horse

Nationality: :iconschland3plz: German

Height, Weight: 163cm, 58kg

Desired Job: Feral

Weapon: Her body is a weapon. e_e (she smells grossly knows Karate and Kendo)


      Distributed Points: 12

      Human Form:
      Def 1 | Bal 1 | Str 2 | Sta 3 | Spd 5 | Dex 0 | Int 0 || Abi 2

      Feral Form:
      Sme 4 | Sig 1 | Hea 2 | Str 1 | Sta 1 | Spd 2 | Dex 1 | Int 0



How does it work?

The user turns into a red panda by consciously biting into the hand. It only works, when there's a reason for the transformation.

(SnK style, just turning little. A reason doesn't need to be as deep though. For example: "Climbing a tree".) Transforming back can happen whenever between one hour and two-and-a-half hours randomly. Duration is determined by diceroll.

  • 1 -> 1 hr

  • 2 -> 1¼ hr

  • 3 -> 1½ hr

  • 4 -> 1¾ hr

  • 5 -> 2 hrs

  • 6 -> 2¼ hrs 

Works maximum for 7,5 hours per day plus there needs to be a cooldown break of 10-20 minutes in between.


Has all the abilities of a red panda and is much smarter than a usual red panda, yet not working with the entire brain capacity of a grown up human being (more like an 8-years-old). Can climb trees, scratch and bite, withstands cold, is fluffy, etc.

Cons and Weaknesses:

Clothes don't transform, that's why a safe environment when turning back to human is preferred. The user has no influence on how and when to turn back and it happens by chance. Inability to speak or perform real complex actions, like driving a car or cooking. The user could write though. (with their claws for example.) Animal instincts apply before common sense of the person. (might be also a pro)


Loyalty and honesty are two of the most important features to her and whatever she tries to hide does not stay hidden for long - as she is an open book, especially to her closer aquaintances who consider her very compassionate. She respects her superiors by default but sometimes doesn't pay similar respect to her fellas. She's a good fighter and prefers keeping her body healthy and fit. Her weakness lies within understanding certain acts, which especially shows in social situations. Her perception outside of situations involving humans is good enough to find the one or another hidden clue. She is smart from the books, taking a tad longer to understand certain things and even shows naive tendencies, when around other people. She studies hard never the less for the sake of beating the challenge. If focussed on an aim, she doesn't stop before she gained a result that is at least perfect. Klaudia is highly competitive, tries hard and always gives more than her best (and just too often goes overboard). She’s too selfless for her own good, too.


Born and raised in an environment that always expected Klaudia and her siblings to be free of flaws, she rarely grasped the concept of enjoying something for the sake of joy but rather work as a machine that hardly fails. Her father is a captain on a marine cruiser in the baltic sea, her mother a lawyer, specialized in military affairs and thus her brothers went through military training, as well. Klaudia was the last born child within this family. Her two brothers and one sister turned into a joyful bunch with interests in comics and videogames - their strict parents still expected them to give nothing but the best despite their hobby. Klaudia continued living up to her parent's high expectations, not sharing the interests of her siblings and turning into a hard worker on her own accord, always loving the competition nonetheless. The highy energetic girl focussed on a hobby that suited her way more than wasting time infront of a monitor.

She and her siblings studied hard for the best grades in school, Klaudia started getting karate lessons with 4, before she even went to elementary school and kendo lessons with 8 as she was completely hopeless on an instrument unlike her siblings. The rest of her childhood she spent in private schools, always being the one that caused trouble or being bullied for her looks, red hair, weird personality and whatever reason might come up. Klaudia was a proud little girl and always fought back, taking any attack towards her or her family as a grave insult, that she never left unpunished. (And that her parents weren't leaving unpunished, too.) She was one of those children, that acted first, then think - yet she worked on filling that "room for improvement". And even though she appeared like the rough kid among her class mates, she had big respect for her teachers and of course her parents.

Over the years, her strength grew - thanks to her training - though her three older siblings ended up having to tame the wild child with stern but responsible treatment, while their father was away on week-long trips to the sea and their mother had a busy working schedule. Being a child, Klaudia never held a grudge against her parents at that time as everything that happened still seemed to make sense to her. She still highly respected everyone in her family and valued them above all else. By the time her first brother Sevin enrolled in the Marine, Klaudia ended up working hard in her year-long forte, - Karate and Kendo - letting out her pent-up energy that, at home, was usually kept under wraps by her other two siblings. Three years after Sevin, Jens enrolled as well, training to become a Medic at sea. Prestige, as well as money, played an omnipresent role in her family’s lifestyle after all. And while she was always encouraged by her parents to achieve things on her own, it was an undeniable fact that many doors would have stayed closed in the path of her career, had it not been for her parents’ money.

When Klaudia was 14, her oldest brother, Sevin, died at the young age of only 24. Him and their younger brother, Jens, had went on a military boat trip and were just nearing the pier, where Klaudia and their parents were waiting for their return. Standing in the front of the ship and ready to leave for the anchorage, half of the ship suddenly went up in flames as an explosion from a thus far unknown source hit it. Klaudia and her parents were hit by shrapnel and flying wood pieces and were knocked over into the ocean, even though her physically strong father had tried everything to at least keep her and her mother safe. Due to the lack of orientation and almost drifting underneath the ship, the three ended up close to drowning but were later saved by bystanding members of the Marine. Sevin paid with his life as his body was ripped into pieces, while Jens ended up heavily injured but alive and with amnesia. Klaudia spent a few days in the hospital, along with her parents, but mostly for observation purpose. The 14-year-old ended up developing a heavy fear of water due to the painful experience of almost having drowned. The explosion itself had barely registered in Klaudia’s mind and thus, she merely remembered the near-drowning experience of it. The police, after further investigation on the ship itself, found out that the incident was politically motivated and would be declared as an 'act of terror' against the military itself.

[ classified ]

It took a lot of time for Klaudia to mentally recover from the incident and find joy in life again after the loss of her brother and the horrible incident itself. She watched her brother Jens recover as his body healed and him gaining his memories back. However, he was not the same man that he used to be, he refused to go back to continuing his work at the military and grew more and more lethargic. While this should have discouraged Klaudia even more, it made her go back to her former self one by one. Her naturally cheerful and wild side that had been missing in the past weeks returned and she tried cheering up her brother with little acts of affection and keeping him occupied throughout the day. At first, she did not talk about the military at all and his parents, as well, left him be about it. After a while though, Klaudia started asking him about his work that he had not planned to return to. She would ask how different ranks were achieved and how one’s everyday life looked like at a military base. Jens did not respond too much at first but after a while, he remembered why he had joined the military and admired its lifestyle. It had not only been because of his family’s history but it was the discipline, comeradeship and thoroughness that had intrigued him in the first place. In turn, Klaudia too became intrigued with her brother’s newly awakened admiration. Most importantly, her own wish to follow a career at the military only grew stronger. Not only because she wanted to keep her family safe from such a tragedy to ever happen again.

Her parents meanwhile had arranged an interview for Klaudia at an all-girls school at Russia, where they hoped to lay the foundation for her future career. Not only because wielding guns at a young age was allowed there, while it was strictly forbidden in Germany. Being introduced as the prodigy her family - even if she lacked the proper behavior - she was offered the chance to study and train at the military orientated girls school. Russia, being a country where the children would have the opportunity to start military training by the time they were 12, Klaudia was able to deepen her knowledge and techniques as a fighter herself. As it was a place, though, where a branch of her family lived, she usually spent her free time with them to get away from the usual school life. As she was still rather young and inexperienced in the military field, she learned the basics of military training during the cold, russian winter and was ‘knocked into shape’. Klaudia even had to absolve a tough survival training at Siberia, also to strengthen the girls’ teamwork ability.



She agreed to join the agency and was sent to HQ04.

Here, it was revealed to her that it was her ability that had made her so interesting for the agency and Klaudia was not quite sure whether she had made the right decision to join after all. Actually, she had tried to forget she was even able to turn into a fluffy animal and had even succeeded in completely denying it for a while. Here, at HQ04 however, she was encouraged to train and develop her ability even further. A year of training, developing her ability and getting actual mental support, had seemed to give her back what she thought she had lost along the way which was the passion she used to put in her work and a new goal in life.

Later, she was sent to HQ02 to fully become a trainee, now that her ability was better developed and she started to be able to cope with her being able to turn into a red panda, seeing as those around her also had abilities of their own. Once at HQ02, she enjoyed being a trainee, attended Brawler training in form of Karate and Kendo, picking up her older fighting choices. She was happy to have found the training she needed and that was challenging her all anew. Not to mention that it gave her purpose again.

She appeared to be especially useful in outdoor situations, where the instincts and perception as red panda and her usual quick reflexes were of advantage. At this point she was focussing on developing her survival skills in the roughest of climates and worst of situations the agency was able to display for training purposes.

Sometimes, it all seemed to become too much though and she fled to the animals that were newly kept at HQ02 and finding their presence rather soothing, when the people around her were more company than she wanted to handle. It was only some time after, that the Feral class was introduced at HQ02 and was going to be later focused at HQ01.

Klaudia - still being a trainee after all - tested out the new class, for which she seemed to develop a certain preference above all the other classes she had been able to try.
Only a few months after, she was sent to HQ01 to become a feral.

Her Feral Partner is Fey, a Chimango Caracara, she picked up as an abandoned young bird on a trip to Tierra del Fuego.

Strengths and weaknesses:

⊕ assertive
⊕ fast
⊕ great knowledge of surviving, it's her speciality, especially in cold terrains. She cooks a splendid bear paw soup!
⊕ good observation skills
⊕ good at cooking
⊕ loyal to the bone
⊕ compassionate, empathetic

o huge pride
o very curious
o has a hard time to understand sometimes (social situations, this inability is more related to typical modern things like filling out papers)
o then again shows great perception (practical situations)

⊖ hot tempered
⊖ a few phobias
⊖ doesn't possess anything close to creativity (except in cooking)
⊖ no sense of sarcasm
⊖ pretty naive at times


⊕ History  
⊕ Fluffy things (but you don't know that)  
⊕ Coffee in all variations  
⊕ Working out to stay fit
⊕ being outside
⊕ Cooking  
⊕ Sweet teas


⊖ unfairness and arbitrary
⊖ her parents  
⊖ heat
⊖ large bodies of water, like seas and pools  
⊖ nerdy and geeky stuff
⊖ most people taller than her
⊖ being called cute
⊖ Physical contact when it's not sport or otherwise necessary

o Speaks German and Russian fluently, learned English mostly at the agency - and still learning
o dislikes the use of guns, as she developed a fear after the murder
o she is still in contact with her siblings, though they obviously don't know about the agency

Medical Information:

  • Blood type: A+

  • Aquaphobia - avoids deep bodies of water

  • Claustrophobia - prefers to leave the door to her room ajar or light switched on

  • high stress response

  • ^mild PTSD (gets treated for it since she joined the agency, occasionally needs to see a specialist to check on her condition and receive medication, still suffers from bad nightmares, feels guilty for no reason)

  • She has a tattoo on her back, which she got from a trip into civilisation: A stilizised eagle and "All good things are wild and free"

  • Also one around her wrist saying “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”, as a reminder of her military background

Source: Red Panda Picture
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